The Government Shutdown Essay

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The Government shutdown Someone please explain to me how and why Congress is not going to miss a paycheck when so many others are? Is it not Congress who has caused this shutdown? These are our elected officials. If we elected them can’t we fire them? Are they working on our behalf? The answer is no. What they are doing is purely political partisan politics. They are not concerned for our rights. They are strictly concerned that they stay true to their party regardless of being right or wrong and who is hurt by their actions, or lack of. When the national parks and museums are shutdown are they thinking of all the people who are now out of work. Are they thinking about the people that sell the tickets, the maintenance employees or the hotdog vendors just trying to make a living? Again, the answer is a resounding no! A wide range of academic research across the country, from sophisticated biomedical experiments at the National Institutes of Health to undergraduate political science essays, was being interrupted Wednesday as the federal government shutdown continued for a second day -- with no clear path to a resolution. In addition to forcing the closure of government buildings where research is conducted -- such as the Library of Congress and presidential libraries -- the shutdown was also cutting off access to myriad electronic resources on which many researchers depend. Websites that were not operational included those of the Library of Congress, the U.S. Census Bureau, the National Science Foundation, the Bureau of Economic Analysis at the U.S. Department of Commerce, and the Education Department’s research arm, the Institute of Education Sciences. PubMed, a free repository of biomedical and life science research maintained by the National Institutes of Health, was operational but a notice on the site warned users that it would not be updated during

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