The Goonjarey Essay

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The Goonjarey: “Let’s go on that ride, the Creepy Coaster, please,” pleaded Alexia. “Yeah, ok but last one, I don’t have much money left,” agreed Hannah and Miley. They all jumped onto the Creepy coaster. It was took them inside a house and upside down in completer darkenss. Suddenly Miley felt something cold and hard hit her over the head. She was unconscious in the cart. Alexia and Hannah got off the ride. “Where is Miley?” they both questioned. In another room sat Markerus and Dongergodden from Elspeth. “Is she the one? Is that her?” questioned Markerus as he started at the female figure lying on the floor. “Yes it’s her, I can feel it,” replied Dongergodden. The dragged her body along the floor and into a trap door in the ground. “To the elevator?” asked Markerus. “Yes you twit,” snapped Dongergodden. Miley awoke to see two figures standing above her staring. She had never seen anything like them. They were quite short with blue skin, four long arms that touched the ground and two short legs. Their face was distorted. They had large brown boils all over their face as well as only one glazed eye that looked as if it was digging right into Miley’s soul. It was a fiery red colour. A long skinny nose stuck out of their faces. “Don’t be scared, we are not going to hurt you,” claimed the creature. “My name is Dongergodden, I am here for you, so that you can help us.” “I HAVE BEEN KIDNAPPED?” she shouted “I must be dreaming, what are you?” She sat up and looked around her. There was nothing, she was in the sky looking down at her city, the Easter show, her house, everything. Miley was high above the ground. She screamed. “Don’t worry we are in an invisible elevator. You are not falling nor are you dreaming.” Markerus said. “What on Earth are you going on about?” “You must come with us to the land of Elspeth where we live. The prophecy states

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