The Good Life Essay

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Is Determination Part of the Good Life? Getting to the highest peak of your job or education seems to be an ideal dream for all human beings in search for the good life. There are stages to reaching a goal in life, it is never induced from one day to another which leads me to think, is determination a part of the good life? Well, it is definitely a component of it but can we reach the good life without some sort of motivation or perseverance? Determination is often defined by setting a goal and working your way towards reaching it but what if determination means simply to settle a purpose in life like in Siddhartha or to fulfill a list of childhood goals because life happened and your time in this world is now limited like in Randy Pausch’s: The Last Lecture? Let’s start off by introducing the elephant in the room as Randy Pausch would say. Pausch was diagnosed with cancer; he had 10 tumors in his liver and was given three to six months left of good health. Within the first two minutes of his lecture he introduces his condition to the crowd and talks about what is and isn’t going to be discussed in his lecture. Some of the don’ts were his family, cancer, and religion whereas he would agree to talk about his childhood dreams, enabling the dreams of others and how you can put it into action as said in his video lecture on YouTube then there is Siddhartha who is a fictional character who grows up as the son of a Brahmin that is seen to be destined for great. “…he saw him growing up to be a great sage and priest, a prince among the Brahmins.”(Siddhartha, 3) Are the thoughts of his father. Translator Hermann Hesse produced Siddhartha as a guy to be loved and praised by everyone. The only problem was that Siddhartha did not enjoy it or feel delighted by all the attention. Now that both stories have been introduced, obviously there is some kind of intangible place both

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