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#2502979 Political Thought I Exam Prompt #2 21 October 2013 The Good Life The Republic by Plato and Aeschylus’ Oresteia both express different viewpoints on what makes one’s life “good”. Contrasting the two, Plato believes that happiness is about one upholding and interacting within the city, while Aeschylus depicts an image of how happiness is corrupted by power and lust. Although the two writings are fundamentally different due to the opinions of the authors, both express the importance of sustaining the good life. Aeschylus has given us the example of Clytaemnestra to show his views on the good life. Clytaemnestra feels that in order to achieve justice for her daughter’s death she must seek revenge on her husband. She uses her power as the Queen to develop her own fate. In Plato’s eyes this does not a constituent being knowledgeable or just. While Agamemnon is fighting in the Trojan War, it is obvious from the chorus that Clytaemnestra is unfaithful to her husband. This shows her lack of loyalty to the reader, as well as, her inability to be truly fair and just. She attempts to flee her fate to avoid death and is motivated by the hope that her plans will prevail. This example supports Plato’s view that the Queen’s impulsive actions and erotic desires are not representative of a true leader. She is motivated by these desires instead of rational and intelligence. The problems with Clytaemnestra are her motives. She is avenging her daughter’s life that was taken by her husband so her could satisfy the gods in order to win the Trojan War. While it was seemingly not a rational action to appease this command, Agamemnon was seized to feel the sorrow other parents encounter when their child does not come home from the war. Knowing that he has to make the sacrifice of his daughter to please the gods, Agamemnon forgets one of the Three Egregious

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