The Good Life

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Success Equals Completing your Goals In the documentary “This Is The Life”, Ava Duvernay tells the story of a natural foods restaurant called The Good Life that featured Hip-Hop performances during the early to mid 1990’s. The Good Life became prominent in the urban community as it served as an arena for the youth to express themselves through the art of Hip-Hop music. The Good Life was located in South Central Los Angeles and was known nationally as the center of underground west coast Hip-Hop. Famous artist like Ice Cube, Fat Joe, and many other have performed in The Good Life, however, many of the regular artists that performed were not. The talent in The Good Life was so incredible that many of the artists got record deals. The Good Life showcase talent but most of the artist could not become famous and failed due to many reason. Just like many of the artist in The Good Life, I have failed in goals I’ve wanted to achieve. When I was in high school I wanted to graduate with honors and get accepted to many colleges. I failed in my goal because I was not driven enough to put in the work and effort to accomplish that goal. Success is accomplishing the goals you set out to complete. In my family education has been the main focus for my parents, they wanted their children to become successful individuals and live a life better than the ones they had. My parents came from different countries and it was hard for them to accomplish all they have now. They knew that in this country education was the key for success. They learned english and worked hard so that my sister,brother, and myself had the opportunity to succeed and get the best education possible. Growing up and seeing my parents working their tails off to provide us with whatever we wanted motivated my siblings and I to success and repay my parents for everything. My sister,brother, and myself are all going to

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