The Good Learner Essay

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Essay 1 – The Good Learner A good learner is an equally important component of the symbiotic relationship and roles between teacher and learner as is a good teacher. Many different attributes contribute to the psyche of a good learner, some of which come from within and others which are influenced or determined by the teacher. One of the most important attributes listed in section 1.3 is the desire for self learning. When this quality is present many of the other attributes such as motivation and willingness to learn; confidence to ask questions and flexibility and willingness to try different learning strategies come, to a degree, automatically. Good study habits can then be coached. Awareness of teaching and learning strategies is usually a product of the pro-active input of the teacher and willingness to accept correction will depend largely on the authority and organisational skills of the teacher and hence the level of respect he or she commands. The metacognitive skills of the student are an individual attribute for the teacher to assess and decide how best to approach. Other important attributes of a good learner could include having an open mind; awareness of cultural differences; arriving in good time and possessing a desire to interact and enjoy group participation with the other students. At school I was generally an extroverted learner enjoying interaction in class, asking questions and questioning feedback. I was also, on the whole, better suited to a combination of auditory and visual strategies. Kinaesthetic learning was not my strong point, and as a result I was much slower at learning practical processes and sports. Despite this my motivation, determination and enthusiasm were usually enough to overcome this in the long term. Through a process of identification of my strengths and weaknesses I was able to develop a learning style that

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