The Good Earth Wang Lung Analysis

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Why is a minute piece of land so incredibly spectacular to this petite man in China? In the book, The Good Earth, a man based his life upon a diminutive piece of this gigantic earth. Wang Lung’s land showed his treasure; it meant the world to him. Wang Lung believed that the land was superior for him, but it actually caused a good deal of destruction to him. “To those at the great house it means nothing, this handful of earth, but to me it means how much” (Buck 57)! Wang Lung’s heart explodes with pride because of his purchase. He was pleased to purchase land from the place where he felt greatly looked down upon and where his wife, O-lan, had been bound to slavery throughout her childhood. The land brought Wang Lung a form of happiness and changed his life for a little time until the land started to dry up. When there is nothing left in the town, the only thing left do is move to a place that provides more. Wang Lung and his family were extremely malnourished to the point of skin and…show more content…
He ran into a room while he was in the south, trying to escape death. Evil men were rioting against the rich and threatening to kill them for money. When he ran into the room, a wealthy man happened to mistake Wang Lung for an enemy and offered him tons of silver and gold. Wang Lung deceived the man and took all of his money. With the enormous amount of stolen money, he and his family were able to go back home. “We go back to the land- tomorrow we go back to the land” (Buck 147)! Wang Lung and his family returned home to the land, but it was not as grand as he expected it to be. He arrived home with loads of money, but he still was bitter and longed for something more. He never could find what he was looking for and was angry with much of the silver he gave away. He didn’t give it gratefully because he wanted it all for himself. He was beginning to become greedy and wrapped up in his

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