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5th period 10th Grade Honors English The Women Woven Within The novel, The Good Earth, is an award-winning novel written by Pearl S. Buck that elegantly unveils the typical lives of people who lived in China during the 19th century. The main character in this story is a traditional Chinese man named Wang Lung. From the beginning, he starts out very poor and becomes rich through all the hard work he does on his land. Within the plot, Wang Lung encounters several women, three of which deeply shape his character by the end of the story. Of these women, Lotus introduces him to the lifestyle of the rich, Poor Fool teaches him how to love, and O-lan gives him the strength he needs throughout it all. Lotus is the one woman that brought out the wealthy, landowner side of Wang Lung that he worked up to be. It was destiny that brought Wang Lung to Lotus in the tea shop. He was immediately drawn to her small feet and animated looking eyes. Each night he went to the tea shop where she lived and he would use her to fulfill his pleasures. Little did he know at the time that she would mean more to him than he could have ever imagined. Wang Lung was charm by her beauty and was caught under her spell of love to a point of where he would do anything for her to make her happy. One instance of this is when Lotus ridiculed Wang’s braid. “’Now the men of the south do not have these monkey tails!’ he went without a word and had it cut off, although neither by laughter or scorn had anyone been able to persuade him to it before”(184-185). This symbolizes the true power Lotus had over Wang Lung. It is quite ironic, however, that a woman who he has known for such a short period of time has persuaded him to cut off something that has represented him his whole life. For the first time in his life, Wang Lung’s lover has been exposed to a rich lifestyle which makes him in a

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