The Good and Bad Essay

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In Dead End Kids by Michele Manges, she talks about how every teenager who works in fast food; also known as a “Mcjob” is setting themselves up for a job that is only wasting their time. A Mcjob only uses skills that a person already knows just from common sense. Michele argues that teenagers are overworked and the fact that most are asked to work late hours, means less sleep and no time for homework. Teenagers can only do so much while they’re in school. They have assignments to worry about, and they are supposed to be able to enjoy the time the have to socialize and be young. Mcjobs may only be holding teenagers back and dimming what their future holds for them, instead of preparing students for what lies ahead they’re focusing too much on a job that will only end before they know it. There aren’t many specific skills working at a Mcjob requires. Some may include needing to flip patty’s, or check on the fries, take an order, interact with people, put food in specific bags, etc. Out of those, there aren’t many that will be helpful to someone who might want to be a Nurse. Although, being able to have the opportunity to work with people everyday and interacting with them could be really helpful in many jobs. Teenagers, because of them being new, and young they are usually the ones being asked to work overtime, which is hard to say no to because it’s money, but that means when they get home despite them needing to do finish their homework, they will just be too tired. “I kept sleeping through my first period class” said Shelley Wurst who is a cook at an Ohio franchise steakhouse. She also stated “If it weren’t for the crew I’m working with, I wouldn’t want to work there at all” As much fun as it seems to start working for the first time, many teenagers are feeling run down by working. There are more options than a

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