The Golden Goblet

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My book is entitled The Golden Goblet. It was written by Eloise Jarvis Mcgraw and was published by the Penguin Group in 1961. This book is a novel about a boy who lives in Ancient Egypt. His father dies and he is sent to live with his evil half-brother, who turns out to be a grave robber. The themes of the book are bravery and triumph over evil. It is about bravery because Ranofer has to be brave in order to not be afraid of his half-brother. He has to defeat his half-brother and triumph over evil. The setting is Ancient Egypt around the rule of Queen Tiy and is written in the third person. The protagonist of the story is the boy, Ranofer. The antagonist is Gebu, the half-brother. Other major characters are Hequt, Wenamon, and the Ancient. The story provides a mood of great suspense because the reader never knows when Gebu is going to catch Ranofer. The story uses foreshadowing in the beginning of the story when Ranofer sees the men being hung and the Ancient tells him that the men are grave robbers. The story is about a boy who lives with his evil half-brother. He wants to be a goldsmith like his father, but his half-brother only cares about money and makes him be a servant to the local goldsmith instead of apprenticing the boy to him. The boy notices that his half-brother is starting to wear fancy clothes and expensive cologne and he gets suspicious. So he and his friends start spying on his brother and his accomplices. Nothing turns up until Ranofer finds a golden goblet in his brother’s bed room with the name of a Pharaoh carved into it. The climax occurs when Ranofer follows Gebu into the Valley of the Kings and he finds himself inside one of the tombs there. He struggles with his brother, but he escapes and tells the queen that there are men in one of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings. The queen sends her army and they capture Gebu and
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