The Globe Theatre

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The Globe Theatre Essay The Globe Theatre was first built in 1599 in London and was a place where the most wealthy, noble people as well as the most unfortunate poor people frequented in order to enjoy the entertainment given in there. The Globe Theatre is commonly associated with William Shakespeare since he was a writer of most of the plays that were performed there. He was also an actor and a member of Lord Chamberlain’s men, a company for actors which performed in the theatre. The history, reconstruction, structure, heavens, lord rooms, stage, actors, and Lord Chamberlain’s Men all contributed to the making and existence of the Globe Theatre. The Globe Theatre has a long history of misfortune as it was first constructed in 1599, burnt down in 1613, rebuilt a year later, destructed by the Puritans in 1644, and then reconstructed for one last time in 1997. A cannon ball that was set during the performance of Shakespeare’s Henry VIII started the roof on fire and led to the burning down of the entire theatre in 1613. Fortunately, the costumes and Shakespeare’s plays were saved from the fire. One year later, the theatre was built once again, only to be shut down in 1644 along with all the other theatres in London. The Puritans opposed and banned any form of entertainment and thus, they destroyed the theatre. After three centuries of nonexistence, the theatre was set to be reconstructed in 1989 and was completed in 1997. It reopened with the performance of one of the first plays that were acted in there, and which is Shakespeare’s Henry V. After the first Globe Theatre was burnt down due to the fire, it was difficult to rebuild one similar to the old one as there were very few sources to help the architects envision it. A sketch made by Arend Van Buchell, who actually copied it from a Dutch traveler who sketched the interior design while he
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