The Globe Theatre

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In Shakespeare times, the theater was popular source of entertainment. The most popular theatre was the Globe Theatre. The Globe Theatre was built in 1599 by William Shakespeare's playing company. It was a large circle shape with a three storied structure made of wood. Above the theatre, there was a flag which was raised on performance day, if the flag was not raised that meant the weather was not good, so the play was not going to be performed on that day because it was dependent on the natural light, therefore they were performed duing right day light only. The colour of the flag also let the people know what type of play would be shown that day. At the main floor, there was an area called a pit for the audience, who paid only a penny to stand around the stage during the whole of the play. When it rained, the people in this area would get wet because the theatre was open sky with no roof over the middle. If someone has enough money to spare, they might choose to pay a bit more penny for watch the play form the galleries which surrounded the stage. On the stage, there was a trap door used by the performers to get below the stage. Behind the stage, there were two or three rooms called ‘tiring room’ for the actors to dress in. I found that the theatres in Shakespeare’s time are very different from the theatres that we know today. The theatres were all out door and open to the sky. The stage was a platform with no curtain. The props and scenes were very simple. There also no hidden microphones so the actors have to yell their lines to try and to make it easier for all to hear. But nowadays the theatres are more
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