The Globalization of Health Care Essay

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Week 1: The Globalization of Health Care 1. What are the facilitating developments that have allowed health care to start globalizing? As the telecommunications developing, the doctors and the patients in different places of the world can talk about the state of an illness freely. Plus the Internet and World Wide Web allow the hospitals in the USA to send the medical diagnostic images such as CT scans and MRI scans to India, where they could be read and interpreted by sufficient doctors. In addition, modern transportation technologies such as commercial jet aircraft could allow the patients fly to another country to take a surgery with reducing time than before. 2. Who benefits from the globalization of health care? Who are the losers? First of all, the patients could benefit from this trend. For example in USA, for the patients who need to take MRI scan care, the diagnostic procedure would be simplified and the time would be shrunk also. The local medical workload and cost would be reduced. For the patients who are uninsured and need to take surgeries, receiving medical treatments in abroad qualified hospitals would be extremely cheaper than local ones. Meanwhile, involved medical tourism (overseas trips to have medical procedures performed) could be promoted also. Secondly, abroad medical services suppliers such as the radiologists in India and the private hospitals in Singapore could take huge advantage of this trend. It could increase their business and employment in the medical industry significantly. Generally speaking, I think this trend is a win-win mode, and no one would be the loser in the globalization of health care. 3. Are there any risks associated with the globalization of health care? Can these risks be mitigated? How? Comparing to the local medical treatment, I consider the potential risks would be the accuracy of the treatment

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