The Globalization Of English Language

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English language is the main spoken language around the world. International language is the idea of the English language as a global means communication with multiple dialects and international standards for the language. In our time English playing the principal role in our society, some countries teach English in the school as a second language, many countries use English in science, business, technology, politics, art, entertainment, music, advertising, and more. From the articles Barbara Wallraff What Global Language? And John Tagliabue, In Europe, Going Global Means, Alas, English we can observe many possibilities and restriction of English as a global language. Some people feel English language is difficult to learn because the English words sometimes have change. Barbara Wallraff is a senior editor of The Atlantic magazine; she was interested how English has been changed during the past years. She did her personal research of majority opinion why English has become the global language. However, from the past decade we can observe global changes in Standard English Language because every day only in United States numbers of immigrants has been increase “Today approximately 2.4 million Chinese-speakers live in America, and more than four out of five of them prefer to speak Chinese at home.” people from the different countries prefer to speak and read using their own home language. (Wallraff 536) Nevertheless, the globalization spreads rapidly throughout the world, the need of global language has become more critical then ever before. From the article of John Tagliabue shows us the global English language as it is seen as a common means for interaction between different European countries. As the world becomes more “globalised” or as corners of the planet open up for trade relations with other countries and use English as its working, political, and travel
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