The Global Supply Chain Of Lenovo Essay

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The Global Supply Chain of Lenovo Lenovo, the world’s third-largest personal computer maker, is facing economic uncertainty, volatile energy prices, and intensifying global competition. How has this multinational corporation applied its global supply chain strategy since its acquisition of IBM PCs? How does it contribute to its company’s business goal? Is it efficient and effective? What are Lenovo’s recent investments and enhancements to the company’s supply chain? What future supply chains will there be for Lenovo? The following review of Lenovo Group Ltd. will discuss these issues regarding its particular global supply chain as well as state certain successful supply-chain strategies it will impact. All these issues will be conveyed due to the acknowledgement about how a supply chain is practical for a particular company. Lenovo was first established in 1994 when the Chinese Academy of Science started a spin-off company manned by eleven scientists. Now Lenovo has reigned for more than decade as China’s largest computer company and the world’s third-largest computer producer after the purchase of IBM’s PC business. It embraces the values of customer satisfaction, innovation, operational excellence and trustworthiness. Lenovo seeks to integrate these core values into every aspect of its business, especially into policies and procedures in areas of quality and safety for global supply chain. Lenovo’s existing global supply chain operation focuses on the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and creates a comprehensive strategy. Lenovo has been a member of the EICC. According to Lenovo’s official statement, it applies the same demanding EICC standards to its own Global Supply Chain operations. Lenovo has completed 3rd Party EICC audits on its five manufacturing facilities in China and India. In addition, it has established a Manufacturing Site
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