The Glass Menagerie Scene-by-Scene Analysis

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The Glass Menagerie Scene-by-Scene Analysis Scene One: Tom enters the dining room where his sister, Laura, and mother, Amanda, are eating. He joins them as Amanda prattles on about gentlemen callers she entertained recently as Laura explains that no suitor will desire her, which frustrates her brother, and tells him that Amanda is afraid of Laura ending up alone. Scene Two: Laura is polishing her glass figurines when Amanda enters and is confronted with Amanda stating that she discovered Laura had dropped out of Business College. With this confrontation, Laura admits she has been skipping school to go for walks and watch movies. Hearing this confession, Amanda wonders what will become of the family now and decides that the only other option is for Laura to get married. Laura admits she once liked a boy who she assumes is married by now, and also reminds Amanda that she is “crippled”, which causes Amanda to chastise Laura for using that word and tells her she must be charming. Scene Three: Tom argues with Amanda about the fact he has no privacy whilst Laura looks on desperately; he ends up leaving the apartment and Amanda claims that Tom spends all his nights out doing something sordid and risking his job with his lack of sleep. He insults Amanda and then throws his coat, on accident, towards Laura’s collection of glass animal figurines. Amanda declares that she will not speak to Tom until he apologises, and Tom bends down to pick up the glass; he appears as if he is about to speak to Laura, but says nothing. Scene Four: Tom comes home after drinking and tells Laura that he had been to the movies and to a magic show where the magician gave him a rainbow scarf which he gives to Laura. In the morning, Amanda tells Laura to say good morning to Tom since Amanda is still not speaking to him. Laura implores Tom to apologise but he is reluctant. On her way out to

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