The Glass Menagerie Flaws

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As a society we know that no one is perfect. We all excel and fail in different areas in life. While some of us are strong in our convictions, others can see our views as misguided. Some people might seem to never stand for anything, while in reality they hold their tongues until they find something worth saying, making their silence speak volumes. It is true that the strongest person can have the most significant weaknesses just under the surface and the weakest people can surprise you with Hercules-like strength when needed. In “The Glass Menagerie” Tennessee Williams conveys the idea that someone fragile can be strong and beautiful and someone strong can be vulnerable and there is also beauty in that. Williams describes all of the main characters of “The Glass Menagerie” as being fragile, each having their own beauty and strengths. He describes Amanda Wingfield as “a…show more content…
She often portrays herself to be overbearing with her disconcerting ramblings over her children, but we know that it is out of love for them. She clings to her past with such desperation: “Possess your soul in patience-you will see! Something I’ve resurrected from that old trunk! Styles haven’t changed so terribly much after all…Now just look at your mother This is the dress in which I led the cotillion….See how I sashayed around the ballroom Laura?” (Williams 1987). Her fading youth only makes her more desperate for attention for herself and her daughter. Amanda makes sacrifices for her children as well as nagging them into oblivion: “Ella Cartwright! This is Amanda Wingfield! How are you, honey? How is that kidney condition….Horrors….You’re a christian martyr…” (Williams pg 1979). She works a degrading job in magazine sales to make ends meet all while clinging to her past status in life, showing strength in her ability to keep her family afloat after being abandoned by her
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