The Glass Menagerie Essay

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Kaliyah Bynum The Glass Menagerie Introduction to American Literature Instructor: Jaynelle Nixon March 8, 2013 In The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams uses escape as the theme which puts the play into gear. With everything going on in the characters life’s none of them seem to be able to bear all of the stress. In this play Mr. Wingfield is ultimately the symbol of escape. He managed to remove himself from the situation that the rest of the family is still living and having trouble in. Amanda is obsessed with her past, and uses it to escape reality. Whether this is true or not; the time she received seventeen gentlemen callers becomes her obsession. Amanda thought of her life as meaningless so, she began to make things up. She lived between a world full of fabrication and illusion and a world which we know as reality. Wherever Laura turns she finds herself escaping. Glass menagerie is an escape for Laura. Just like Laura they are fragile. By spending so much time on her glass menagerie and being so dependent upon her brother and mother it shows how she may not be able to communicate and engage with other humans. Laura turns to her glass menagerie when she feels the need to hide and escape. In the end Laura isn’t able to cope with the everyday life and reality so, she escapes into her fantasy world of old records and glass figurines. Jim uses his past to escape. Jim goes back and looks at himself as being the high school hero who often captivated the attention of most girls. By dancing with Laura he is sweeping her off of her feet as he did with other women when in school. The first escape from reality that Tom had was the fire escape. Escaping from the fire led Tom away from his home. Tom escaped into the world of poetry and movies, as well. When Amanda complains and nag him it causes Tom’s need

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