The Glass Menagerie Essay

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The Glass Menagerie Tabitha Skow Everest University The Glass Menagerie is a play about a family who had a lot of struggles. The father deserted the family several years ago. Tom, a character in the play, is an aspiring poet who works in a shoe factory to support his mother and sister. Tom's strong sense of responsibility has kept him home and in a job he despises. Tom feels as if his environment is destroying his creative nature; He often escapes in liquor, movies and literature. Laura, his sister, is very painfully shy and socially inept; she has mostly withdrawn from the outside world. Laura also has a bad leg that she wears a brace on and has a very profound limp. She devotes her time to old phonograph records and her collection of figurines. Amanda, his mother, often spends her days retreating back to her youth. She often finds the outside world too cold, cruel and unbearable to deal with. She constantly nags Tom and refuses to see Laura for who she is. On Amanda's urging Tom brings home a gentleman caller for Laura. Ironically, in school, Laura had a crush on him. Jim O'Connor entertained Laura in the parlor. Jim thought Laura was very entertaining and unique and felt Laura needed to be kissed. As soon as he kissed her he admitted that he was engaged and left after his confession. Amanda accuses Tom of playing a cruel joke on Laura and Tom vehemently denies it. Within a short time, Tom loses his job at the shoe factory. Tom feels the time has come for him to move on and leaves his family and travels for a long time. He does not know what he is in pursuit of. He cannot leave Laura behind because no matter where he goes when he sees glass figurines and it makes him feel as if she is by his side. References 1. Introduction to American Literature “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams pages 696 to

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