The Glass Menagerie

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The Glass Menagerie: Prompt 9 Certain people have a way of finding their way back into people's lives. In scene seven of “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams, Jim O'Connor, an old high school friend of Laura's finds his way back into her life. Laura figures out that her brother Tom, is bringing him over to dinner and during that dinner Jim's treatment of Laura seems to be both moving and thought provoking. Unexpectedly, people always find their way into people's lives. In high school, Laura had a friend who she had a crush on named Jim O'Connor. Jim used to call her “Blue Roses (Williams, 1182).” Shockingly, Laura's brother Tom, befriends him in the future and invites him to dinner. Laura's mother is excited since Laura had told her about him and thinks that he will become her “gentlemen caller (Williams, 1147).” Laura reminds Tom that they both new a Jim when they were in high school. She begins to find an excuse to miss dinner and avoid meeting with him, but Amanda forbids her. Laura nervously awaits for his arrival to begin their dinner. Someones behavior towards someone can say a lot about how they might feel about them. Jim's treatment of Laura in scene seven can be seen as moving because of their unexpected and unplanned encounter. After dinner, there is a “blackout” due to Tom's neglect to pay the light bill. That is where Jim and Laura begin to reconnect. She reminds him that they used to know each other in high school and used to call her “Blue Roses.” Jim feels ashamed that he did not recognize her at once. They begin to reminisce about the class they had together. She makes a not so negative comment on her always being late to class because of her leg, making a sound “like thunder (Williams 1183), but Jim insist that he never noticed it. This evidence supports the first part of the thesis about Jim's treatment of Laura being moving, since he

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