The Glass Castle Theme Paper

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The Glass Castle Theme Paper In the book The Glass Castle the author, Jeanette Walls, shows that there are many situations that occur in life where people make mistakes, but it is always important to have forgiveness for these people. Jeannette spent her whole life forgiving her mother and her father for countless mistakes. She has to overcome many obstacles without the help of her parents. The whole Walls family knew that forgiveness was what held the family together. In the beginning of the book the narrator describes seeing her mom digging through a trash can and then decides to have lunch with her. All of this talking with her mom makes her remember the horrible childhood she went through. When she was three years old her mom wasn’t watching her while letting her cook hotdogs. She ended up catching her dress on fire and had to be hospitalized for six days. Her dad took her away from the hospital without paying and soon after her mom was letting her cook again, as she called it, “Getting right back into the saddle.” At such a young age Jeannette didn’t take any anger out on her parents and soon took interest to fire. Soon after that thought the family had to pack their bags and leave again and do the “skedaddle” as their parents liked to call it. The parents were actually running away from bill collectors and guys that their dad owed money to. The father was an alcoholic and luckily wasn’t able to be one often because of the low money situation. However he was able to get a job almost anywhere, usually in small towns for side jobs, because of how convincing he could be. Because of these things the family was constantly moving and when they couldn’t be fed and Jeannette never complained. She always forgave her parents for whatever they were going through. Once again Jeanette has to forgive her father for speeding and taking sharp turns in the car, because
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