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The Giver Vs Pleasantville Essay

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  • on May 24, 2011
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Below is an essay on "The Giver Vs Pleasantville" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In the book The Giver there is the main character called Jonas. He is just a normal kid in the community.
But this isnt just any community this is a really really strict community. This is what you can call feeling liike you
were in prision. In this community you dont see color. You also cant marry anyone you want you have to apply to
get a husband of wife. You arent aloud to have sex with anyone either you have to apply for kids, and its not easy but
their happy beacause they have never seen anything else then their community. Imagine this in this community a pilot
accidently flew over their community and they "released" the pilot, and release means to kill the person. Imagine living
in a comunity like this. Where in this community someone collects your memories and can transfer tham to someone else
which in this case was Jonas' job. In this job Jonas goes through so much pain but so much happiness at the same time.
Now on the other hand in the community of Pleasantville its kind of the same but they have a little more
freedom as of what they wanna do. In this community you are able to have who ever you want as a husband. But everything
changes when David and Jennifer come to this town accidently. When they come to this town they change a couple of things.
jennifer starts to teach them how to start living how they live in the real world. They start changing color when they start
changing thwir mentality. So this means that they arent as strict but still do have ground rules. Bout the most interesting
about this movie is that Bud and Mary Sue have experience the real world where as in The Giver Jonas hasne.
Now similarites that the movie Pleasantville and the book The Giver have are that they both cant see color till later
on. They also both have two kids a girl and a boy. These stories also show us how   these two stories have no lack of under standing
of what happens outside their community. Pleasantville is more free but The Giver has...

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