The Giver Transmition Essay

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The Giver placed his hands on Jonas back. Then suddenly, Jonas was in a whole different world. It was December 2nd on a rainy day, Jonas was found in Osceola IN on Linconway East looking at the dark grey 2010 Chevorlet Impala siting on the car lot, Jonas was stunned at first. He knew it was somewhat of a device used for transportation. Then he recognized the meaning of car. Jonas climbed in the car. The car dealer looked at him, and then got in the car as well. The man started the car, shifted into drive and drove off. Jonas was stunned by how the car could move. The man stopped the car to turn. At that brief moment, Jonas looked out in front of the car to see a two wheel drive four door silver crew cab Dodge RAM Truck coming at him at 40 miles per hour racing straight towards him; he heard a screech, then the ginormous boom. Jonas then felt the rumble of the car while the truck smashes the car going down the driver side, when Jonas looked back, he saw the truck going down the road with the driver tire gone, and the only thing was the metal frame dragging down the road as he comes to a stop about a block away. Jonas was shocked at what huge force it had been. Jonas then climbed out of the car, and seen the total destruction. The whole driver side of the truck and the car was missing, all pushed up into the engine. Jonas was shocked and astonished. He didn’t know what to do. Then Jonas heard the sirens and saw the blue and red LED flashing lights on the police cars as they raced towards the scene, he can taste the burnt rubber of the truck trying to stop. Jonas can smell the fire burning of the road flares that the police are setting up. Then Jonas heard the beeping and turned around to see the tow truck pulling the totaled impala away, Jonas was astonished, he thought how could this happen?? Why did we have to get hit? Where did the tire on the truck go?? Jonas

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