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The Giver: The Reflection When I read this book, there is one thing I have realized, we are so blessed that as humans, we have the opportunity to freely choose for what we are going to be in our life unlike on the story of the book, in the village of Jonathan, everything is in order, organized but you don’t have any freedom at all. It’s too perfect but it has become imperfect because of its perfection. The life is according to the system that being obeyed by the people in the village. The elders chooses who’ll be their parents, there are also some words that are prohibited in the village, their future work will be according to their observations, they’ll choose who will be their spouse and who will be their children and when they grow old…show more content…
As a youth, we are free to choose anything that we want to be as long that we will be able to handle the consequences. As Jose Rizal said, “Ang Kabataan ang pag-asa ng Bayan”. Yes, we are the hope of the next generation and we won’t let our future be dictated by any other people because we are the ones who run our life and we don’t want to have regrets on the future when we didn’t do something that’s why we were able to run our life and be free and explore things out. The pain, love, envy, excitement and other emotions are the feelings that made us human and the freedom to choose what would be your life, it is best thing why we became humans. Those things were taken away from the people of the village. I know it’s hard but I still want to experience those feelings because I know there will be happiness and love in the end of the journey that we are going to take. And the Giver story gives me an idea that I have to be Jonathan that I have become curious and with his knowledge given to him, he seek for the truth and tried to escape from the village that he thought his home and tried to save Gabrielle . And we were just like him, we are gaining knowledge for our future, in the process we were be able to be free and make our dreams come true and

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