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Alye Copelan 11-Advanced English Price 28 April 2012 Flesch-Kincaid 10 Lowry’s Personal Style Louis Lowry, the author of The Giver and many other renowned books, was born in Hawaii and lived in many parts of the United States. She moved around many different times due to her father being in the military and this constant changed impacted her and her way of life so much that when she became a writer, Lowry developed certain themes and ideas that she incorporated into her writing. Lowry became famous for this and many people have read her books for them. The novel The Giver is no exception. Three main themes or ideas stood out from the others. The first theme has to do with death and how it affects people and how society treats it as a whole when death becomes a common aspect of life. This novel explores death in a different way than it ever has before and it shows how death changes people in a way that is not expected. The second theme is the conflict of individual versus society. The main character Jonas is put up against society as a whole and has to decide if he is going to rebel or become one with the world he has grown up in and has known his whole life. The debate on if supporting the individual rights is better than doing what is best for society or not is explored extensively. The third theme and huge part of The Giver is the idea of “Sameness” throughout the whole world. The idea of the same climate, same terrain, same routine, and the same people is a controversial debate in the novel. Death is main part of everyone's life in the real world. Lowry explores the thought of what would happen if death was as common as an everyday occurrence and even goes as far as death being encouraged by society, even if unknowingly. The term “Release” comes up often in the novel and the book reveals that being released means being executed. The old and the young who
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