The Girl With Bangs

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Do you think Charlotte in “The Girl with Bangs” is depicted as a “fully formed” person? Or, do you think she is really just tics and mannerisms”? I would say that Charlotte in the story, she is being depicted as a “fully formed” person. I am lead to believe this because I consider her as a round dynamic character. According to the definition, she is portrayed through using much detail as a lifelike character that we see in everyday living. She is also considered dynamic because of the fact she was able to recognize, change with, or adjust to the circumstances. I feel she was girl of his past who caused much headache and despair in his life. The hairstyle that she wore said much about her. It seems as though he would have several experiences with her daily. I think she would appear to him as an angle. I feel that Heaven was happy to have her there and it did not want to be disturbed. She was one that was once not willing to change until one day it stated, “He married her after she shaved her head that afternoon just to spite us.” This was the opportunity for a change to come. With her bangs cut, this allowed the opportunity for her vision to be clear. He was able to express what and how he felt for her. It seems he was infatuated with this woman and did not want anyone except her. He was willing to go to the extent to have her willing to risk his life to have this woman in his

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