The Gilded Six Bits

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In order to lessen the problem of racial tension in America it is crucial for one to recognize the similarities between minorities and non-minorities. In the essay "What White Publishers Won't Print" Zora Neale Hurston claims that the white majority is not interested in the common lives of the minority population. She asserts that this lack of interest by the majority heightens the racial tension in America. To overcome racial tension in America, these stereotypes of minorities can only be replaced by truly understanding how much the white majority has in common with their minority members of society. Although some will argue that there are no similarities present when comparing minorities to the white majority, many of these people do not want to believe that minorities live a normal life just like the majority population. In relation to the similarities amongst minorities and white America, Hurston’s creation of an African American couple, in her short story “The Gilded Six Bits”, explores the idea of minorities living a normal life involving emotional highs and lows every American family experience within a lifetime. Hurston provides an up-close look at the relationship of an African American couple dealing with their daily lives and emotional responses to common day occurrences. An important aspect of Hurston’s purpose to writing “The Gilded Six Bits” is to show her audience the hardships and emotional rollercoasters minorities face in their everyday lives. Hurston presents examples of betrayal in her short story, in which the couple experiences, to further the relationship between the lives of minorities and Anglo Saxon Americans. “Oh Joe, honey, he said he wuz gointer give me dat gold money and he jes’ kept on after me-”(94). This is the author’s attempt to humanize the minority in the eyes of the majority and help White Anglo Saxon Americans see how much
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