The Gift of Yoga

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The book I chose to do my report on is called “The gift of yoga” By Gina Kenny. Gena Kenney has worked in the health and fitness industry for eighteen years. She is passionate about the balance of hatha style yoga. She was first introduced to yoga while recovering from energy. She credits yoga with not only helping her to recover physically but also for helping her to discover the path of self-awareness and enlightenment of her life’s purpose. The word yoga means “Unity” and is derived from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means to join. The overall goal of yoga is to join balance and harmonies the body, mind, and emotions. Yoga teaches us to reconnect with ourselves, to be at peace and at ease with who we are and where we are going. Yoga is not your ordinary exercise program. Yoga is very unique in it’s style. Through yoga practice you will be able to develop an awareness of the inner relationship between your emotional, mental and physical connection. You will be able to listen more clearly to the notes of song in your heart; your body and mind can take on new forms of movement and grace as you follow your path. The first main principle of yoga is to surrender which means to let go. Learning how to soften and yield not force or resist. To explore the art of surrender, stand in your normal stance and observe your breath. Then gradually let your weight release down towards the ground. The art of surrender is to find the balance between effort and ease without collapsing in the postures. Grounding is the second principle, which means to reconnect with the earth. To explore the grounding principle come into mountain posture and observe which parts of your body are on the ground. Alignment creates a harmonious flow of energy and produces a clear pathway through the body.

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