The Gift of Sex

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The Gift of Sex: A Guide to Sexual Fulfillment Abstract Clifford and Joyce Penner, husband and wife sexual therapists and educators, bring a full and biblical perspective to sexuality and sex in their book titled The Gift of Sex: A Guide to Sexual Fulfillment. The review and critique of this book reveals five major themes; a biblical perspective, the physical dimension, the total experience, when sex isn’t working and enhancing the sexual experience. Penner and Penner lay the foundation with an understanding of God’s creation and purpose for sexuality followed by an explanation of the physical aspects of the body and how it works. Next they illustrate the complete sexual experience from the beginning interests in the encounter to cleaning up afterwards. Recognizing that many people struggle with sexual issues, they address the emotional, physical and relational challenges facing people today and offer guidance in overcoming many of those issues. The final section is a treasure of helps in enhancing the sexual experience and relationship with recognizing God’s divine creation, purpose and desire for us in it. God made man and woman in His image and their similarities and differences are seen from a physical aspect, emotional aspect, and relational aspect; both individually and as a couple united as one. A Biblical Perspective Confusion about sex and sexuality permeates our culture. There are myriads of mixed messages being put forth every day, leaving people to sift through which messages are correct. What is modeled from an early age can also lead to the confusion; modeled by the parents, siblings, society, church, and schools. The lack of efficient and structured methods of imparting correct and helpful information regarding sex and sexuality are few. Clifford and Jocye Penner offer a biblical perspective of the significance of our

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