The Geology of Obokpa and Its Environs, in Obubra Cross River State Nigeria Essay

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CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION The earth is spherical, we believe as scientists based on proven explanations of many observed phenomenon. This idea however, didn’t just emerge as abstract thought but resulted as man sought answers to his questions. These questions are summarized in three Ws; What, Why and When. Geologists in particular are very critical about these questions. We explain earth related features observed in the field such as rock and soil types, primary and secondary structures, why these features occurs in defined pattern and locations and possibly when these features were formed. This gives us an insight into the nature of the environment prior to our existence and most importantly, to predict possible type of economic mineral deposits occurring in the area. The investigation into the geology of Obokpa and its environs (Ogamana, Okunbongha, Ofonbonga, Ogurude, Ofunekan, Ayim, Idor Atam) was based on the above premise. Locally, no previous work has been done on the area. On a regional scale, a lot of works have been done and major contributors are; Reyment (1965), Ojoh (1990), Unomah and Ekweozor (1993), Petters (1978) and Benkeil (1989). These authors revealed that the underlying formation in the area is of Albian – Cenomanian Asu River Group which is poorly bedded (Abakaliki Shale) with occasional presence of siltstone, limestone and mudstone (Reyment, 1965). Benkheil (1989), revealed Santonian intrusives of Dykes and Sill extrusives. The aim was to link the field observations with these literatures and careful laboratory analysis of collected samples such as rock, soil and water to comprehend the lithology, environment of deposition, economic potentials, water quality and any possible environmental hazards in the area. Duration of the field work lasted between 16th to 22nd of March, 2011. 1.1

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