The Genius Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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Odysseus was King of Ithaca and a important warrior. He was a genius, which came from his mother’s side. Odysseus received his name from his grandfather, Autdycus. Odysseus had many talents at such a young age. He loved archery and was very good at it. He also loved hunting, which he received his first scar on his thigh by a boar. He met Athena by his cleverness. She later became his protector. Odysseus parent names were Laertes and Anticlea. He later came to Sparta and met his future wife Penelope. Tyndareus, Helen’s stepfather feared their marriage would create hostility between the suitors. Odysseus had to promise the King he would defend anyone who was against their marriage. Odysseus had to win Penelope’s hand in marriage…show more content…
He showed Neptune no honor for his victory. He put a curse on Odysseus so he could never return home. He washed him out to the Mediterranean Sea. He caused many winds and storms so he could never reach any islands. Odysseus finally did make it to land but it was on Neptune’s son island, Polyphemus. He was the man eating giant who trapped Odysseus and his men in the cave. He saved them for food. Odysseus tricked Polyphemus with wine to put him to sleep. Odysseus blinded him and later escaped. He then sails to Aeolia where the king lives. He gives them a gift so they can sail to Ithaca. This is when they meet Circe. She tries to keep Odysseus there, but ends up sending him to land of dead. This is where he learns to wear earplugs to protect him from the…show more content…
He was their only son. Odysseus did not want to go to the Trojan War so he pretended to be insane. Palamedes tested his insanity. He placed baby Telemachus in front of his father’s plow to see if Odysseus would hit his child. Of course, Odysseus failed and that proved to Palamedes he was mentally sane. He loved his mother and helped her with his father’s property. Athena wanted Telemachus to be like his father. She decided to help him because he was young, uneducated, sad, and useless. She gave Telemachus strength and determination and restores his father’s memory. Telemachus went against Penelope after Athena advised him on what to do. He decides to be in charge of his own house. He went to the suitors to suggest his authority. He fails and is defeated by the suitors. Athena becomes his protector and keeps his confidence up and helps him throughout his journey. She encourages Telemachus to leave the island to go see if his father is still alive. The suitors would have killed him if he stayed in Ithica. He could not return until it was safe for him to come back, but only if he found

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