The Generation Gap Essay

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English 101 Outcomes Assessment Essay Spring 2011 The Generation Gap More than thirty years ago I stood with my father in the old red milking barn. He was telling me stories about his childhood with grandpa milking the cows by hand. My dad said it took him years to convince grandpa to build a new barn with better more efficient equipment. The times were advancing and grandpa like many of the older generation didn’t like change. He was very set in his ways. My father on the other hand wanted to make the chore of milking easier, and saw an opportunity to increase their production. Today with the advances in modern technology it is possible to milk hundreds of cows in a matter of hours. As the generations come and go, they each have individual values, attitudes and goals that set them apart from other generations. A gap has always existed between the current generation and the one before it. Today however, the generation gap is bigger than ever mostly due to the advances in modern technology. The different views and ideas about technology, work ethics, and values are having a detrimental effect on society. With all the improvements in modern technology the older generation is being left behind. When I was young, Sunday afternoons were spent with family members. We spent the afternoons enjoying home cooked meals and socializing. I enjoyed looking through old black and white photographs and listening to stories of how things were back in the day. My grandfather told stories of helping neighbors, working extra jobs, and saving to make ends meet. He didn’t have much time for socializing except for church on Sunday. They pulled together as neighbors and communities to help one another. I wish my children could have that learning experience. From the progress in cell phones and texting to computers and the internet the older generation has a lot to learn. They

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