The General Epistles

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Michael Moore Bib 105 N. T. Historical Preferences I April 1, 2012 Doctor Gerald Winkleman The General Epistles “Epistle” means a literary letter, which was intended to be announced publicly. General epistles were letters to the churches and individuals wrote to cope with certain topics (Wilson, 1991). The Epistles that will be talking about is that of Hebrews, James, 1Peter, 2Peter, 1John, 2John, 3John, and Jude (Judas). Hebrew according to Chapter 13 in the text suggests that Priscilla may have written this letter due to her style. Hebrews epistle wrote to establish the superiority of Christianity when collated to Jewish law, and to encourage the believers or Christians not to renounce their faith. This epistle directed towards longtime Christians who had little Jewish background. James’s Epistle emphasizes proper behavior of a Christians. The author in this epistle criticizes Christians because their actions did not seem to be amended after their conversion to Christianity. The letter expected Jewish Christians would classify themselves from the world, and have victory over sin. This indicated confusion, envy, and gossip, and this Epistle wrote to the Jewish Christians who fled Jerusalem after Stephen’s death. Hebrews talks of Christianity being the only religion with others being cheap imitations or deceptions, but there is nothing better than Christ (Hebrews 10, 10:18). 1Peter’s first Epistle speaks of suffering, “grief in all kinds of trials” (1Peter 1:6 and further states why they were persecuted (Niswonger R., (1992). Reasoning for this letter was to give the Christians some encouragement for being ridiculed by other non-Christians, and for persecution for their own government. Peter preaches to his readers be hopeful in the future, and to be devoted to Yashua. Peter writes to his people to live holy lives (1Peter 1:14-16), and become like Christ
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