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Buster Keaton’s The General Essay Is Keaton’s The General similar to today’s movies? Johnny Gray (Buster Keaton) is the main character in this film. Johnny has a girlfriend, Annabelle Lee (Marion Mack). He loses her and his train The General. Johnny spends most the film trying to get Annabelle and his train back. Movies today have a similar construction as Keaton’s The General. This film can be categorized as a romantic comedy. These types of movies are very popular today. Because it is a silent film, physical comedy is used a lot. This physical comedy is seen even in recent movies. Also, the score used in Keaton’s The General is comparable to some movies that I have seen recently. Keaton’s The General is similar to today’s movies because of its construction, physical comedy, and music score. The construction of Keaton’s The General is similar to today’s movies. This film is based on a three part structure. The first part is where the boy has the girl. The second part is where he loses the girl. This part is the longest section of the movie. The third part is where the boy gets back the girl. This is the shortest part of the movie. In Sucsy’s The Vow Paige (Rachel McAdams) and Leo (Channing Tatum) are married. They get into a car accident, putting Paige in a coma. She awakes with no memory of the last few years of her life including her husband, Leo. Leo then tries everything to win back his wife. Sucsy’s The Vow encompasses the same three part structure as Keaton’s The General. The structure is easy to follow. It does not require a lot of thinking. It is enjoyable. Additionally, the physical comedy used in Keaton’s The General is seen in today’s movies. This film was made during the silent era. Keaton had to use a lot of physical comedy in order to catch the audience’s attention. This physical comedy is used a lot during the train chase between Johnny and

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