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The General Keaton Buster, a great talented actor and even a producer, director, and editor, actually he was a one-man show and a one-man hero. The film “The General” is one of my favorite silent films; it is definitely my favorite of Buster Keaton’s works, and can be appreciated by many people who may not even like silent films. Aesthetically, the way they made it authentic really gave the movie it’s realistic qualities making it easier to get into the movie instead of having to ignore obvious flaws. Keaton was a known history buff, he tried to authenticate everything as much as possible; Keaton himself said “it’s got to be so authentic it hurts,” they bargained to borrow the original General but when the people from the museum discovered that it was a comedy the deal promptly fell through. I think that The General takes on Keaton’s personality as being a one-man show or hero. The fact that Keaton would go himself to scout the sites for the movie contributes to my belief, he argued for using authentically replicated cannons, uniforms, railroads and railcars, I think this aspect really shows the history buff that Keaton was. Just as in the movie he seemed to not need an army of men to help him accomplish is goal in the movie, he did not need anyone else to help edit the movie, he did it himself. I think that the authenticity and aesthetics of doing everything in their power to reproduce the environment the actual story took place, developed this movie and contributed to making the history of it seem realistic in many ways. The film had one of the biggest budgets of its time, $750,000; it’s hard to fathom that much money in today’s standards. The budget was used to employ a lot of the workers for the project, including the five hundred of the Oregon State Guard who posed as union and confederate soldiers, also the train wreck scene itself cost half a million in

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