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The Game with No Name Essay

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  • on December 3, 2013
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““profane young man" who according to Bradford wincers God's wrath by cursing the Pilgrims.” “ it pleases god before it came half seas over and smite the man with the gravest dieses” Brad ford.
What these shows that he values the rich more than the poor. He has no ideals for humanely he just gave a kid a disease that he is probley going to die from
“Crafting a peace agreement with the Native Americans, the Pilgrims demonstrate their kindness and fairness. “also shows that he can be resource full and nice and not make people mad to kill him and his people. The value that out weights the most would be how to stay alive.

“Winthrop was married four times, widowed thrice, and fathered 13 children, one of whom eventually became the governor of Connecticut.” These man Johan Winthrop is a brave man and doesn’t stop entail his family has the best it can when he is the governor he has the chance to have a bigger house probley and be able to feed his 13 kids. He shows a lot of courage while his alive thru the 1630s to the 1649s.

“..Gods will is perfect be honed the capacitive of human understanding she would have viewed the lose of the house as Gods plan for her and he family” Bradstreet what these shows is that things will happen yet they are important life will move on. These people show courage and understanding.

“ Your wickedness makes you as it where heavy as lead and to tend downwards with great weight and pressures of hell”. Jonathan Edwards.
What these does is that it shows people that they need to value religion instead of everything else that they do instead. It shows them that they need to make time in there life’s for god.

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