The Game of the Great Escape (Response)

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“The Great Escape” is a fantastic movie. It is an entertaining and exciting film with full action that shows bravery, courage and determination. It has a great cast and it’s beautifully made. “The Great Escape” shows a great technical description of the escape process during nearly the end of WWII and over the course of almost three hours, it allows the opportunity to set up the characters and give us a chance to get to know each one of them. And with that, we come to care about these people and desperately want the to succeed. Also when several of them unavoidably die, we certainly fee their loss. Also with the film being nearly three hours, it’s a good way to build relationships between the characters and the audience. Virgil Hilts was someone that I especially enjoyed watching. In the beginning, Hilts was very self-centred, insolent and indefatigable. In this film, Hilts is an individualist and in search for freedom. He has a code name called “The Cooler King”, because he has been to the cooler many times. However, with each failure to escape, he’s still strongly determined and keeps on trying. In the beginning when they first arrived to the camp, he started to observe the guard towers and he found a blind spot between the two guards by tossing his baseball across the warning wire but immediately the POW officers saw him and took him to the Cooler. After he got back, he came up with another escape plan with Ives. They would dig under the wire and go through the dirt like a coupe of moles with Ives in the front passing dirt to Hilts who will then pack in behind them. They will use a steel rod with hinge to make air holes as they go along. And similar to previous attempts, the escape fails and a muddy Hilts and Ives get sent back to the cooler. Even after that, he was still very determined. I admire Hilts because of his determination to a successful escape.

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