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Evolutionary Theory Alex Sharpe 2-12-15 A theory to explain change over time In science, a theory is a broad explanation that has been scientifically tested and supported. Modern evolution theory began when Darwin presented evidence that evolution happens and offered an explanation of how evolution happens Darwin's Ideas from Experience In fact, many doubted that Earth itself had ever changed. But Darwin saw evidence of gradual change The Voyage of the Beagle Darwin’s first evidence was gathered during a global voyage on a ship called the Beagle Darwin also visited the Galapagos Islands in the PAcific Ocean There, he collected several different species of birds called finches Years of Reflection After returning from his voyage at the age of 27, Darwin spent years studying his data. He also continued studying many sciences. As he studied, his confidence grew stronger that evolution must happen. Breeding and Selection If a trait can be inherited, breeders can produce more individuals that have the trait . Breeders simply select individuals that have desirable traits to be the parents of each new generation. Darwin called this process artificial selection because the selection is done by humans and not by natural causes. Darwin’s Ideas from others Darin was influenced by ideas for the fields of natural history, economics, and geology. The ideas of Lamarck, Malthus, Cuvier and Lyell were especially important. Lamarckian Inheritance Lamarck noticed that each organism is usually well adapted to its environment. He proposed that organisms change over time as they adapt to changing environments. However, Lamarck had an incorrect idea about inheritance, He proposed that changes due to use disuse of a character would be passed on to offspring He believed that offspring inherited these kinds of changes. Population Growth Malthus noted that the

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