The Future of Us-China Relations Essay

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The future of US-China relations I. Introduction It has been about 20 years since the end of Cold War and now the world is beholding the advent of a new political and economic paradigm. It is emergence of China and relative decline of US. Those two countries are explicitly the most powerful countries in the world, so called “G2”, and exert a huge amount of influences to other countries politically and economically. Therefore, the relations between them are one of the top topics investigated by diverse media and researchers. This report also will provide analysis and forecasts on the future relations between the two big countries. II. History of the relations The United States and China have maintained “complicated relations” in which both countries are cooperating to deal with diverse international issues and competing against each other to gain more strategic benefits at the same time. As the most powerful country in the world after Cold War, the US has implemented an engagement policy towards China to keep the balance of the power in eastern Asia. The US has tried to minimize China’s motivation of strengthening its military power by stabilizing the political situation and curbing the arms races in the area. Simultaneously, however, the US has made efforts to restrain China from radically growing its influences in Asia by means of strong alliances with Asian nations and superior-technology-based RMA(Revolution in Military Affairs) system. China also has focused on its economic development for the past decade, avoiding the arms races and serious political conflicts with US. Especially, China has improved the cooperation with US in various economic fields to accelerate its development speed. On the other hand, China has invested a lot of resources in modernizing its military forces to acquire stronger political and military powers, developing its own jet
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