The Future of Racial and Ethnic Diversity

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The Future of Racial and Ethnic Diversity By Trisha Bulski Growing up in the United States can be very confusing. Every day you encounter a vast number of difference races, religions and social groups that all think and act differently from one another. All things considered, each person deserves the same amount of respect as the next, regardless of whom or what they are. Learning to understand and respect others can be a difficult thing to some, but can make for a greater society. Children are generally raised according to their own ethnicities beliefs and values. Education is the key to understanding and living in a diverse society to respect other people simply as humans, and not according to their background. Diversity in society helps individuals grow and become more open-minded to the different ways of life that exist. Familiarizing yourself with the traditions and beliefs of other cultures can also be very meaningful not only to you as a person, but your own life as well. Given the knowledge we have of diversity, we are able to open our minds and are less ignorant. In all senses, diversity promotes more tolerance, and such tolerance can be used to strengthen a weakened society, and make for a better class of people. The key is exposure, and utilizing your knowledge of the world and the things around you to continue to increase tolerance and do your part to lead the way to continue to suppress racism. A nation of such diversity has also proven to be detrimental. All throughout history, one race or religion have been affected and been categorized as a minority. Among the most affected have been the African-Americans and more recently Mexicans. Slavery, gun violence, physical abuse, hate crimes and being denied rights and privileges have all taken its toll on a countless number of people. Those partaking in such activities are not doing their part

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