The Future of Policing

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Policing has changed tremendously over the years. One way that policing have changed is that it is meeting the needs of the people in our society by reducing crime which is making policing more efficient. I will discuss some trends that are currently affecting policing, some foreseeable critical issues that may affect policing in the future, and what changes can be made to effectively address these critical issues. One issue that will affect policing in the future will be technology. Internet is the most common form of technology used by police departments. Police officers use other forms of technology such as cell phones and surveillance cameras, whereas this type of technology was not available for police officers in the past. Advanced technology has allowed police to be able to collect vital evidence need to solve crimes. Police are able to collect information and store that information on criminals. Another important form of technology that has made a very big impact on policing is the computer-aided dispatch. This is very important in policing because is allowed police officers to have a faster response time and the departments are able to communicate with the officers that are out doing field work. The safety of the officers is enhanced by the use of this system because the department can monitor the officer’s status. Technology has changed policing and will continue to do so in the future. Weapons that are used in policing will also change in the future. Due to technology, there are advanced forms of nonlethal weapons, which assist police officers to subdue dangerous suspects. Weapons such as tasers can be used in situations were something must be done but deadly force is not necessary. Policing has changed in a major way over recent years when it comes to crime mapping. Over the past twenty years, police experts have come to recognize that some

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