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In Edward O. Wilson’s book The Future Of Life, Wilson writes two passages from two points of views- the non-environmentalists point of view on the environmentalists, and vice versa. He uses name calling along with over the top accusations to create a sense of irony with the juxtaposition of the two excerpts, and ends up completely dropping his credibility significantly in the meantime. One of the very first tactics used on both sides of the arguments was name calling. The ‘non-environmentalists’ stated, “Depending on how angry we are, we call them greens, enviros, environmental extremists, or environmental wackos,” while the ‘environmentalists’ stated, “... we know them more accurately as anti-environmentalists and brownlashers… wise users… and sagebrush rebels.” While we know from history that not everybody’s going to agree on one decision, completely, one hundred percent, Wilson automatically assumes the role as a completely radical environmentalist or non-environmentalist, and it ruins his…show more content…
The ‘non-environmentalists’ stated, “Some Bennington College student with a summer job will find an endangered red spider on your property, and before you know what happened, the Endangered Species Act will be used to shut you down.” The ‘environmentalists’ claim, “At the big conferences of the World Trade Organization and other such gatherings of the rich and powerful, conservation almost never gets so much as a hearing.” These are cases that probably happened once in human history, but cases that are one in a million and are blown out of proportion. If these happened once, that doesn't necessarily mean they are going to happen multiple times, and Wilson automatically assumes that it will. He used a lot of pathos in those statements, but where was the ethos? You don’t once see Wilson state any statistics or scientific facts, you just see him ranting about what the other side does

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