The Future of Jazz

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The Future of Jazz Today, the jazz music is evolving throughout the world. It has been crossed all borders and the wall of the music genre. Some people might say the jazz is dead because the sales of that music are less than other popular music. However, I think the history and lineage of this music is still finding its way into the hearts and minds of the people over the world including the young generation. I spend a considerable amount of time playing and listening to the jazz music for these 15 years. Moreover, I have been to New York City 5 times to listen to the live music. I feel the border between jazz and other music, say, hip-hop, R&B, classical music has been melting down. Recently, some jazz musicians, who are African-American, make their music with famous rappers and singers in hip-hop and R&B fields, and it was so popular among young generation. As you may know, the origin of the jazz is blues which played among the black American before 1920s' in New Orleans. So many people have image that jazz is played by black American mainly. Of course, there are lot of black jazz musicians, but in recent years, the jazz is getting more popularity in west/east Europe and Middle-East, especially Israel. They mixed the folk music in their country into cutting-age jazz music. I think it is very interesting trend of the current jazz scene. As mentioned above, there are a lot of young jazz players around the world, and there are some universities where they can study that music theory and play music with their peers. Especially, there are the most prominent universities in NYC and Boson, so that a lot of young musician has been to there. Through workshops, clinics, lectures and concerts, the students were engaged in dialogs with professional jazz musicians, jazz educators and each other. Actually my friends are in that university, and they say

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