The Future of Earth by 2050

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The future of earth by 2050 What will our future look like? Floating cities, flying to work and traveling in cars capable of operating underwater? And how will technology advance to make use of our natural resources to help feed our growing population in such areas as food, water and electricity? Let us try to think about earth’s future. There are three aspects on which the future of the earth can be estimated Weather conditions Population growth Technology development Weather conditions It is likely that the weather conditions of the will be worst in 2050. Global Warming will beat it’s best and natural disasters like cyclone, tornadoes and earthquakes will become common and even Technology would become insufficient to save the people. Technology development The era of smog-filled skies will be over, because fewer of us will be driving cars. There will no longer be the use for cars as we’ll be piloting environmentally friendly personal vehicles POPULATION GROWTH Although in 2050, terrorism, diseases, death rate, natural and manmade disasters will cause a huge population loss. But still the number will be big enough to handle. This will lead to vanishing of natural resources of earth and fights to gain these resources. To HANDLE SUCH a LARGE POPULATION IT IS IMPORTANT TO DEVELOP PRODUCTS WITH HIGH EFFICIENCIES SOME OF THE MAJOE AREAS OF ACTION WILL BE• Food: Agriculture and animal husbandry will be high growth businesses with high profits, best practices, genetically modified seeds and eggs, mechanized farming, and high fertility farmlands expanding from thousands of hectare to millions of hectares under single farms. • Water: Clean drinking water will be scarce . Recycling and reusability technology will be required and more private participation in providing clean drinking water. • Energy: Major sources of energy will then be renewable
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