The Future of Contact Lenses Essay

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Contact Lens Solutions Research Project 1.) Contact lenses have become a very common part of everyday life for many myopes, hyperopes and presbyopic people. This has come with the evolution of contact lenses, specifically soft contact lenses. Soft contact lens’ materials have been noted to vary from 38%-79% water content. This increases comfort levels, ease of insertion and removal as well as reduce ocular infections. But to maintain these benefits of the soft contact lens multi-purpose solutions have been created to keep what we put in our eyes sterile and safe to use. AMO, Bausch & Lomb, and ALCON have been notable for making multi-purpose contact lens solutions as well as contacts. We will discuss these solutions and how they are used to clean, disinfect, neutralize, rinse and remove proteins. Bausch & Lomb have created three different multi-purpose solutions for soft contact lenses. Not much differentiates one from the other except for minimal changes to the formula they use to make them. The original formula and first multi-purpose solution B&L have is their ‘Renu Sensitive Multi-Purpose Solution’. This solution was made for people with sensitive eyes, the solution was formulated to work with our natural tears, proven to fight germs and according to their website it uses fewer ingredients than their other products. The second multi-purpose solution B&L have is their ‘Renu Fresh Multi-Purpose Solution’. This was created after the Renu Sensitive solution for people who used their contact lenses on a daily basis. This solution is also proven to fight germs, but it also removes pestering protein deposits which could lead to infections or discomfort. The contact lenses can also be stored up to 30 days in the solution provided that it is in its provided case. Lastly their newest addition is the ‘BioTrue Multi-Purpose Solution’ which has been

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