The Future Of Books Essay

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Tyler Morgan AP English III Period 5 13 January 2012 The Future of Books Millions of trees are cut every year. Are they being used to build houses for the poor? No. Are they being used to make desks and school supplies for underprivileged youth? No. Those trees are being used for books, which could be replaced. E-books are the solution. E-books have made reading easier, more environmentally friendly and certainly more cost-efficient. Maya Angelou, American poet, once said, “Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.” Maya is saying that any book that gets a kid to read will nurture a child’s mind and help a child become more educated. No matter the literary quality of a book, it is still better than a kid reading no books at all. Books are something that everyone needs. Books are a source of education no matter the book. The future of books has been a concern in the recent years. Books are now going digital. E-books have changed the experience of literature in such a drastic way that books will become obsolete, due to the fact that e-books are more accessible, portable, and cost efficient. Books have been a part of society since written history has begun and would be difficult to replace. Books have been written to record any kind of information but now this way of recording is being evolved into a digital format. There would be no need for big bulky books with thousands of pages of information because you could transfer those books to an e-book. Many authors have been resistant to publishing their books as digital e-books. Ray Bradbury, age 91, has been very resistant to his bestseller, Fahrenheit 451, to be published. Bradbury has been quoting saying “the internet is a big distraction” and e-books “smell like burned fuel. Fahrenheit 451 sold over 10 million copies
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