The Future In Recruitment: What Makes A White Man Army

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The Future in Recruitment The Government wants a white man army – but are there enough men? It’s no question that the Canadian army needs more men, and they don’t have time to be picky. The problem is, the Canadian army is insisting on a “white man army”. They are refusing any applicants that are not of a British - Canadian or French- Canadian background. The war is in full swing now, and Canadian soldiers are being shipped off as soon as you can say “accepted!” The trouble is that the army is quickly running out of young men to fight. The remaining men are too old, married, have health problems, or are of a different ethnic background. It isn’t a matter of whether or not Canada has enough men, but to the government, it’s the fact that Canada doesn’t have enough white men.…show more content…
None get accepted. “If we have any hope of winning this war, we need as many soldiers as we can get! No time for the government to get picky now” says Mathew Jones, a soldier in the war. “It’s imperative that we win this war. We need men.” The government has now begun to consider allowing people of different ethnicities to join the war. “We deserve to fight! This is our country too” Kulan Nodea, an Aboriginal-Canadian, said with determination. When asked about the issue, “We are not promising anything. We are simply considering it.” A government representative commented. What will be the next step be for recruitment? “I just want to fight for my home. I can only hope they allow me to do that” says Nodea, his voice filled with passion. Will Nodea’s wishes finally come true? Nobody knows what to expect, but there are many mixed feelings about this issue. Will the government be able to please
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