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In the future, there will probably be new technology, ways of like, and especially new medical care. There will be new inventions that you would have never imagined, with new desires to think harder of what could come. All sorts of new methods people would live day by day. Of what has been researched and worked through of predicting year 2057, I believe that all of this will come. Some of which could be developed in a good way, and some in a bad way. With this, I think with the given time line to 2057, that smart clothes, flying cars and cars that can drive themselves could actually happen, with a lot of brains, and effort, things could actually put through. If something bad were to happen to you and you were all by yourself, such as a heart attack; there would be a certain clothing that could tell when that’s coming, and immediate help will alert the hospital. This futuristic item is called: Smart Clothes. This intelligent clothing would have inbuilt computer chips that could sensor heart rates, blood pressure, symptoms, or any medical injuries that need to cared with, are soon recovered. The clothing monitors everything, such as your every movement. All of this would be going down and tested in Georgia Institute of Technology. Not only are these entire scientist are testing clothing, but other dandy items such as a casual handbag. These prototype handbags can alert you if you have forgotten your wallet, and will glow if someone dared to your wireless internet connection. With these intelligent clothing, this is bound to be worn and bought in an instance. With new inventions springing out, here comes the intelligent driving. By this it means the car is driving by itself without human ability. Scientist’s are working out solutions of challenges so that the car can understand road situations and knowing what drivers have to face, so that they learn, and learn how

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