The Futile Pursuit of Happiness

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People always looking for happiness and they find it in different way. In the article “But will It Make you happy” Stephanie Rosen Bloom states that people don’t need too much money to be happy. People can be happy with experience and memories instead of buying stuff because buying stuff will give us temporary good feeling but when people spending money for experience it will make them more happy which will be in their memory for ever. She also mentions that we can find happiness by give way some of our stuff.
To begin with, according to the Rosenbloom, we can’t be happy with making a lot of money and spending too much on things. Tammy Strobel was caught in what she calls a “work –spend treadmill” (qtd in Rosenbloom16). Ms.Stroble wasn’t happy with her luxurious life. Therefore, she search in internet to find happiness and she found it on living in a simple life. As a result, she and her husband donated most of their things and kept only 100 items. For that reason her mother called her crazy but she didn’t care because she found her happiness to give way her stuff for a simple life.
In addition, Rosenbloom explain that Happiness is awarded a lot more for people when they spend money on experience rather than objects (qtd in Rosenbloom17). People always get more happiness by spending their money for experience. Such as, going vacation to any excited place, going for dinner to any luxurious restaurant. For example, when we look back to our memory that we have spent nice time with our friends and family, we fill great which is make us happy. Also we can take picture and video when we are spending experience so that we can look back when we are alone and sad that will make us happy.
On the other hand, if we spend our money for object it will make us little happy and it will be less long. Professor Lyubomirsky mention that “we buy a new house, we get accustomed

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