The Functioning of Bromelain in Pineapple to Maximise the Efficiency of Athletes

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THE FUNCTIONING OF BROMELAIN IN PINEAPPLE TO MAXIMISE THE EFFICIENCY OF ATHLETES Word Count: 1,641 Safety: The experiment carried out was one that used equipment such as a knife, hot water and glass which were all considered hazards. These hazards were all taken into consideration to minimise any injury that could occur. All these factors illustrate how the experiment was carried out and what precautions were taken. Long hair was needed to be tied back to avoid the risk of it getting caught. Also closed in shoes were worn to avoid the risk of an incident occurring if handling the knife. Because the experiment involved sharps safety procedures were carried out were of medium concern. Abstract: The aim of this experiment was to investigate the efficiency of the enzyme bromelain, found in pineapple to see how effectively it would digest protein. In the experiment, gelatin was used as a substance of protein and pineapple(fresh and tinned) was used as the substance to see if the gelatine would break down into a liquidated form. The results indicate that fresh pineapple is best for digesting protein instead of using tinned pineapple. The experiment concludes that tinned pineapple is not as effective in breaking down amino acids in gelatine and that fresh pineapple digested is the process of catalysing the chemical reaction in breaking down protein. It is recommended that the use of fresh pineapple over tinned pineapple is used because results are more evident in the subdividing of proteins. This will therefore increase the speed of digesting protein, to maximise the efficiency of an athlete or performer. Introduction: There have been many studies on finding a way to digest protein quickly and efficiently. Research has shown that using the enzyme bromelain is a quick and effective way into the catalysing of protein dissolution. Bromelain is found from the

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